Construction Improvements

If you are adamant about always considering the well-being of the environment, there are many parameters to consider. You can get into being green in your daily life by using only biodegradable products. You can recycle your trash and help rescue the over-saturated landfills. You can ride a bike to work or simply walk and take some pressure off gas usage. You can vote for the right ordinances and elected officials who represent your point of view. You can make sure that sustainability and climate change issues are always on the table in your house. You can educate your kids about the subject and propel the citizens of tomorrow to take action. It is never too late to get started. It is a scary, almost dire, situation. Most people are just going to let the planet go to pot.

Being careful about waste disposal even extends to the metal filings left over from welding. So I assume that it is universally accepted that plasma cutters (where no such debris exists) are better than traditional cutting and welding methods. Most people have heard a bit about TIG, MIG, stick, and arc welding. I went online and looked up plasma cutter reviews. A typical unit is hand held and has a build-in compressor. The new ones for average use are rather light weight. If it is for a construction worker, it may be heavier and more complex. An automated mechanized system may be preferred. The big benefit for both models is the lack of shavings that have to be dispensed with. We forget about this and its importance given the vast number of buildings that are erected today around the world—many highrises. It adds up to tons of metal cast-off material that has to be safely housed.

As this is a rather new concern for me, I went to the local welders union to ask about various practices and what they felt was safest and most environmentally friendly. The plasma cutter got the most votes. It turns out that the members had been discussing the issue in that it has garnered a bit of new-found publicity on Twitter. I was delighted to see that it is now exposed. People do care after all. It gives me great hope for the future of humankind. Not enough people are taking action, but it is starting to happen a little bit at a time.

The union rep tells me that using a plasma cutter instead of a TIG or MIG welder, for example, doesn’t sacrifice productivity and good results. There is no sacrifice in making the switch. You can work with a variety of cuts and materials as you like. Thickness seldom matters. It is all about cutting speed and the plasma device has this in spades. They are made for the demands of modern construction life. For the home user, the plasma cutter comes in an easy-to-operate system.

Slowly but surely the world is jumping on the eco bandwagon. For this, I cheer and shout. My little blog does its part in its own way to keep the issues alive and kicking.