Weather Changes Brought on by Climate Change

Indicators of climate change are increased weather events. We’re seeing this in the form of changing weather patterns throughout the world. Temperatures are increasing throughout the world showing an increase in averages with extreme weather events happening with a greater frequency. Extreme storms, record flooding, and droughts are taking their toll on the earth and on the economic resources of the regions being affected.

Key temperature change observances

The past three decades have generated statistics that confirm changing weather patterns. The United States of America have recorded eight of the top ten hottest years beginning in 1998. Regions most profoundly affected include Alaska, Northern and Western states. Statistics show that there is less cooling during the overnight periods than in previous decades. More records reflecting heat increases are common than extreme record lows.

Changing weather pattern effects on precipitation

Precipitation levels have also been affected. Portions of the Southwest receive notably less precipitation in recent years. Areas in the Eastern and Southern portion of the country are more consistently receiving heavy precipitation with intense single day events dumping record rainfall leading to massive flooding. NOAA has noted that the annual precipitation totals in key regions are abnormally high. They also noted that tropical cyclone activity in the Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico has increased in the past 20 years. While the actual number of hurricanes has not gone up, the intensity has. This is believed to be a direct result of the warming of ocean surface water temperatures.

Drought is also an issue that has been steadily increasing. While some areas are inundated with floodwaters, other regions experience abnormally dry weather that has resulted in drought conditions. This leads to distressed farming conditions and has a negative impact on the national economy, driving the price of agricultural products higher.

Final thoughts

Our reckless behaviors have lead to an imbalance in the delicate ecosystem of the planet and are largely responsible for the changes in weather patterns that we’re currently experiencing. We’re setting new records in devastating weather events. The economy is suffering because of the lack of responsibility for preserving the environment on a global level. Efforts to turn this around are currently being made as world leaders recognize the significance of our actions. Not everyone is taking the topic of climate change seriously and some believe that it is little more than a fabricated hoax for capitalist gain. It’s difficult to explain under any other rationale why we’re seeing the weather phenomenon and environmental changes that are happening now. If this isn’t proof that the climate is shifting, I wonder what it will take to convince the non-believers of the reality that climate change is underway.