Not in my Backyard: Why People Only Believe in Alternative Energy in Theory

The debate over renewable energy continues with heated discussions about whether these options are really in our best interest or not. The Not in My Backyard concern deals with the impacts that solar and wind power operations have on nearby residents. There are pros and cons that are associated with each type of renewable energy resource and the opponents are taking their concerns to the courts.

Belief in the need for alternative energy versus desire to take action.

Although there are some citizens and companies who believe that it is time to get serious about moving towards renewable energy sources, there are those who will agree that there are benefits, but they are not willing to make any sacrifices at this time. Wind farms change the landscape and there are quite a few property owners who are not happy with the change in visual aesthetics or the noise that is sometimes generated. Although solar power generation is quiet, the reflective solar panels perched on rooftops can make a neighborhood appear quite differently and everyone does not welcome these changes. These are concerns that can hold up the implementation of renewable energy farms for years in a court of law.

The future of renewable energy resources.

Legislation is still moving towards establishing more renewable energy sources and this will continue to advance and make progress. The timing of needed changes is unknown. It can take years for issues of this magnitude to be taken seriously and acted upon. The business sector is no different than the private in this regard. Having the knowledge that there is a problem doesn’t mean that everyone who agrees will make an effort. Personal interest, comfort, and competition are the drivers that are slowing the move towards cleaner energy and when the economic advantage is on the table, the gloves come off on both sides of the argument.