One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

Although much progress has been made in at least raising awareness and creating more clean and renewable energy resources, each positive stride is met with resistance from one faction or the other. Corporations that continue to pour pollution into the air, auto manufacturers who falsify carbon emission testing results and green companies who promote products under deceptive advertisements are not making contributions towards the solution to the crisis. If anything, they’re making the problem worse. When it appears that forward progress is being made, we’re actually moving backward.

Final thoughts

While the picture appears to be quite grim, there is still hope. The pathway to economic growth is dependent on many variables and it’s looking like slowing the progression towards climate change is a necessary component. Perhaps the upcoming UN talks on climate change will include a reference to the new data and its implications. Every contribution made may seem small, but each does make a difference and the cumulative effort of true conservationists is definitely needed. Support of green legislation and lobbying for change in monitoring and accountability has proven to be of some effect and must continue.